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Forget about time registration.

Lexor is an AI-based automatic time tracking solution for Microsoft Office 365.

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Take the time out of your time tracking.

Lexor eliminates time-consuming timesheet administration and makes it easy to log time on cases through AI-powered and fully automatic time tracking.

Get more insight into the profitablity of your cases and your team. Your customers get a better view on time spent, while you improve your cash flow.

Integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft Office 365 environment. Easy 1-click DIY installation, no technical support needed.
Effortless time tracking


  • Smooth and easy time tracking and allocation of activities for simple and transparent invoicing.
  • Seamless integration with native addins in Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, Teams…Connect your Office 365 account in 3 clicks and get started with Lexor right away.
  • Automatic, intuitive grouping of activities in timesheets under the right header.
  • Automatic matching of time spent to the right case or project and customer

No stopwatch or other input needed.
No risk of forgetting billable time.


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  • Works straight from your browser and through Microsoft Office 365.
  • 100% Cloud solution: no installation needed, works in every browser.
  • Smartphone app available on Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Get started in no time.

Secure and reliable

Secure and reliable

  • Dependable and secure cloud solution with 100% customer ownership of sensitive data.
  • Secure and containerized cloud environment on Microsoft Azure.
  • Full admin control with data exports at any time.

Your data is yours. You are in control.

Why Lexor?

Office 365

Full MS Office 365 Integration

  • Add in for Office 365 (Outlook, Word, Excel...).
  • No stopwatch or manual input needed
  • Teams enterprise document management.
  • Teams document communication customers
  • Effortless input via Office 365 activity
  • Teams VOIP 
Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI)


Dedicated support team

  • Contact us via Chat.
  • Phone support included in paid plan.



Better finance

  • No timelag between time spent and billing.
  • More detailed billing.
  • Less credit control.
  • Better cash flow.
Less Stress

Less stress

  • Reduced risk for forgetting billable items.
  • No time wasted on registration leads to higher availability.
  • Notifications on registration gaps

Better insights

  • Monitor project profitability.
  • Check team member productivity.
  • An eye on time spent, for better quotes.  
  • More accurate forecasts 

Better organised

  • Standardized process for large teams.
  • Objective logging of time registration.


Always available

Always available

  • Cloud-based software
  • Available from anywhere, on any device.

Instant and effortless result

  • No implementation needed.
  • Zero changes to your day-to-day processes.
Unique view

Unique view on activity

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You are a multitasker. Lexor is your companion!

Answering an email while working on a Word document? No problem! Lexor will link your activities to the correct project.

Sounds too good to be true? Try it for free and see for yourself.