The Lexor activity calendar view - Where the magic happens!

The activity calendar is the most used and most handy part of Lexor. This is where the magic happens! You have full control over your time tracking while Lexor proposes all activities you might otherwise forget. AI based -and self learning - logics will make your time tracking more easy and more complete.

The unique Lexor activity calendar automatically fills the timesheet, with intelligent matter linked proposals including a correct time  estimation, based on your Office 365 activities (Calendar events, e-mail, phone calls etc...). All you have to do is to approve the proposed activities. Or, if needed, you may change the matter link, or estimated time before approval.

Add your activities manually (or they are synced from your CRM/ERP) to get the full picture of your day. All activities and proposals nicely presented with smart icons indicating the source and status of the activity shown. Simple and clear!

This is how it looks:

Activity Calendar View

Clever and clear usage of icons and colours

For intuitive functionality


Outlook sent e-mail (Automated proposals)

Lexor proposes sent Outlook e-mail automatically as activity. In addition to this proposal Lexor provides an AI driven time estimation and matter link. All you have to do is check the proposition and approve it. When approved the status (colour) changes to indicate the correct status.

Proposal status

Proposal status (Red)

When the icon is red, it means that the activity is an automated proposition that needs approving. Clicking on the activity will open the edit mode. Related activities will show up together for editing or approving (eg. mail trail).

Outlook Event Proposal

Outlook Event proposal (Automated proposal)

You have meetings, calendar items in Outlook. No need to check this seperately when checking your time sheets: Lexor will propose these items as activities linked to the correct matter. Private appointments will be skipped.

Approved status (Grey background Icon)

Approved status (Grey background Icon)

Approved activities are shown with a white icon on grey background to indicate you allready approved the activity. In this status you can still edit the activity when needed. Only the red activities  need your attention. Clear and simple!

Telephone (MS Teams)

Telephone (MS Teams) Automated proposals

Using Microsoft Teams for your telephone calls? Lexor proposes the calls automatically as activities. Your contact will be linked to the most probable matter. Duration of the call is shown as it happened. It only takes approving to register the activity. These are activities that are most frequently forgotten in manual timesheets.

Billed status (Grey on grey activity)

Billed status (Currency Icon)

Once an activity is billed the icon changes to the currency icon and the activity description gets a grey background. That status means you can no longer edit or delete the activity. This status is automatically invoked by the process of billing (Lexor initiated or linked CRM initiated and synchronized).

Manual input activity

Manual input activity in Lexor

Of course you have activities that have no digital trace. Research, unplanned meetings, preparation time for meetings, after call work, reading documents etc... So you can register these activities easily in Lexor (and with a linked CRM these activities will be synchronised).

Too good to be true ?

Hard to believe ? See for yourself !

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