Take the time out of your time tracking.

Lexor eliminates time-consuming timesheet administration and makes it easy to log time on cases through AI-powered and fully automatic time tracking.

Get more insight into the profitablity of your cases and your team. Your customers get a better view on time spent, while you improve your cash flow.

Integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft Office 365 environment. Easy 1-click DIY installation, no technical support needed.


  • Smooth and easy time tracking and allocation of activities for simple and transparent invoicing.
  • Seamless integration with native addins in Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, Teams…Connect your Office 365 account in 3 clicks and get started with Lexor right away.
  • Automatic, intuitive grouping of activities under the right header.
  • Automatic matching of time spent to the right case or project and customer

No stopwatch or other input needed.
No risk of forgetting billable time.




  • Works straight from your browser and through Microsoft Office 365.
  • 100% Cloud solution: no installation needed, works in every browser.
  • Smartphone app available on Apple Store and Google Play Store.


Get started in no time.


Secure and reliable

  • Dependable and secure cloud solution with 100% customer ownership of sensitive data.
  • Secure and containerized cloud environment on Microsoft Azure.
  • Full admin control with data exports at any time.


Your data is yours. You are in control.

"The great added value lies in the efficiency: The fact that Lexor is mobile available and the fact that it helps you as a reminder to constantly keep your time registration up to date... We have been working with Lexor for about a year now. Given Lexor's great ease of use, I would definitely recommend it to other offices as well."

Astrid LippensAstrid Lippens
BDL&T Lawyers - Ghent

"The great added value lies in the efficiency"


"It is a handy tool to recover registration of forgotten activities. The many short messages and actions taken throughout the day  are easily forgotten and add up to significant time.
When used by the whole team, it will guarantee a standard presentation of time spent for all members."

Dieter De Fauw Dieter De Fauw 
 Managing Director
 De Fauw Buelens Devriendt Lawyers

Recover easily forgotten activities

Easily forgotten

"As a niche law firm, Lexor was the tool I was looking for. Thanks to the automatic recording of time and costs, it helps me to substantiate performance to clients. Lexor's AI applications link performance to records. A miracle that saves a lot of research work. It means less administrative work and more time for the clients. Or free time!

Lawyer Luc 
 Lawyer with a niche law firm in Aalst

"Lexor was the work-saving tool I was looking for."

Easily forgotten

Calling all lawyers: your new of time tracking has arrived.

Better time-tracking for all legal professionals.

Try it for free and see for yourself.